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Short Term Health Insurance Advertising

Depending on state legislation, the term short term health insurance may have a different meaning from one state to another. Generally, it refers to individual health insurance of a specific short duration, typically up to six or twelve months. However, in some states, the effect of legislation may be that no such limited duration coverage is available. In that case, plan information from these advertisers would be for other coverage that is offered in the state.

Each advertiser is either a producer (a.k.a. agent or broker), or a site that gathers and sells leads to insurance producers health insurance agents. Each listing includes advertising copy from the respective advertiser, which may, or may not, have some minor clarifying or correcting editorial amendment by us.

If it is mandatory to provide your telephone number before getting a quote, expect a telephone call whether or not you apply. We operate differently. In each state page, Health Insurance, you will see that we don't ask for such information, so you can shop anonymously until you decide to apply.

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We are not affiliated with any of these advertisers and do not recommend or endorse any of them. We are not responsible for their business practices, website content, services provided, representations made, or products sold by any of them. Each advertiser reached through this short term health insurance advertising is solely responsible for keeping the information provided current and accurate.

Some advertisers may refer to a larger numbers of health insurer quotes than are available in the particular state. If so, they are are referring only to the total number of insurers quoted nationally, not the number in the state where the advertisement appears. The actual number of health insurers in your state for which quotes are given may be much less than the number quoted in the advertisement.

An advertisement that claims the lowest quote or the lowest rate signifies that each insurer sets the premium price for all health insurance coverage issued. Each plan from a specific insurance company for a specific effective date must have the same premium price no matter where the initial quote comes from or who provides or helps with the application.

It should also be remembered that an initial quote may be only the best price that the insurance company offers to the most preferred applicant. Some companies add an extra charge for applicants who are not preferred. A non-preferred rating could be because of a pre-existing condition or hazardous avocation or occupation. It depends on the insurer. Some insurers have this sort of underwriting, some do not.

Price Differences

For all short term health insurance advertising, the difference in benefits and premium price is from company to company. There is no difference from producer to producer. There may be a difference in which insurers each producer is contracted with. Some producers who appear in this short term health insurance advertising may provide information on only one or two insurers, while others may have information and quotes for most, if not all, the available health insurers in the state.

Short term health insurance health insurance glossary includes coverage for dependents on the same application, i.e., it includes family coverage.

There are many elements to look at when getting information from this short term health insurance advertising. Amongst other factors, examine the limitations and exclusions and the potential total out-of-pocket, don't just compare deductibles.

The producer is paid a commission for each successful application that is produced. Without production, the producer is paid nothing. That helps reduce marketing costs for the insurance companies whose products are sold through this short term health insurance advertising.

Additionally, an insurer may elect to pay a production bonus in the form of cash or gifts. It depends on the particular producer doing short term health insurance advertising whether or not that makes a difference in what information you receive.

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