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Short Term Health Insurance

Here is a list of producers who can assist with comparing and buying short term health insurance. However, many of these advertisers may be lead services that sell leads to insurance producers, who may or may not have websites, rather than the producers themselves.

insurancebrochure Short Term Health Insurance Advertisers

These advertisers are being included on the site for easier shopping if you want to deal with another producer. However, we are not advocating that any of these advertisers necessarily be used or that any will be satisfactory.

Producers facilitate obtaining short term health insurance. They do not sell it. Some people do not understand that it is the insurance company that is selling short term health insurance, not the producer. They mistakenly think that producers have different prices for the same insurance company. That is not possible.

It is also not possible for the producer to haggle with the company to get a better rate for the producer's customers. The insurance buyer is the customer of the insurance company, not the producer. The producer is contracted by the insurer to bring in business, not to wholesale or retail insurance coverages.

Producers do not invent the quotes. They all come from the health insurance companies.

There may be a variation as to which short term health insurance you are introduced by a producer. Some may have most, if not all. Some may have very few. The producer may believe that the ones presented are the best, or is trying to qualify for an extra override commission from one company, or does not want to bother with more.

Short Term Health Insurance Characteristics

Statutes governing short term health insurance vary by state. Some states may not allow short term coverage.

Generally, short term policies have a maximum coverage period of six months. Treatment for an ongoing illness or injury which extends beyond the six month period is not covered. However, if there is total disability, coverage for treatment may continue for an extra 90 days if the total disability continues. Such an extension of coverage may vary by state and insurer.

At the end of the six month period, the policy can usually be applied for again for up to another six months. It is not guaranteed that another policy will be issued. If there are claims during the first period, the insurer will probably decline to issue a second policy.

Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered. The definition of a pre-existing condition varies by state and by insurer.

The premium rates for short term health insurance is usually less than that for comparable coverage that has no expiration date. For that reason, it may seem desirable to rebuy short term coverage repeatedly to save money.

However, this sort of coverage is intended only to fill a temporary gap in insurance, and is not intended to provide extended periods of coverage. There is no continuous coverage if the policy is reissued.

The deductible and any coinsurance start again on the effective date of the newly written policy, and a new pre-existing condition period begins. Any medical condition which arose during the term of the first coverage will be a pre-existing condition and will not be covered. It may also be a reason for a decline for the second appliction.

Some states limit how many times a short term policy can be rebought. A common limitation is that an insured can not have more than two policies in force during any twelve month period. So after a second has been purchased, the insured would have to wait six months before buying another policy.

Most policies can be bought for any period from one month to the maximum of six months. Most allow a monthly payment, but some short term health insurance may allow only the purchase of a fixed number of months.

Even though it is only short term coverage, it is still important to read the exclusions and limitations. One short term policy sold in many states limits the coverage for knee injury to $1,500. A knee injury could cost $10,000 or more to fix!

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