Low Cost Health Affordable Insurance?

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What Some Say

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Some say that if we could get those greedy insurance executives to accept less pay, we could have low cost affordable health insurance. Top executives of large U.S. companies get enormous remuneration. However, because of the size of large insurance companies, the difference in premiums would be small and there is no valid reason to pick on insurance executives more than executives in any other line of business.

Some health insurance companies are not-for-profit and some are pre-paid plans. The health plan prices versus benefits from not-for-profit operations are about the same as from for-profit operations. Relative to the rest of American business, the alleged enormous profits and gigantic salaries at health insurance companies are not enormous and gigantic at all. Should insurance company employees take a vow of poverty when no one else in business does?

Doctor Recommended

What about a recommendation from the doctor's office? Some people think that the doctor would know more about what health insurance to buy than insurance agents/brokers would. They ask at the doctor's office for the inside story on affordable health insurance because the doctor's office is dealing with health insurance companies all the time. So the doctor's office should know which affordable health insurance pays the best.

Believe it or not, the doctor specializes in medicine, not insurance. Sending claim forms to claims networks and health insurance companies does not produce insight into what coverage may be preferred by patients, or familiarity with comparing available plans that a particular applicant may qualify for. The insurance company that pleases the doctor the most is not necessarily the one that you would be happiest with.

No More Low Cost Health Insurance

Medicine in the most technologically advanced country in the world is expensive. Advances in medicine often make medicine cost more, not less. New, expensive, but better ways to keep people alive continue to be added to the list of available treatments. Other factors, in need of reform which may not happen for some time, also increase cost. Higher claims result in higher premiums with no end in sight. There is no cheap health insurance because modern health care is not cheap. Higher and higher premiums have to be collected to pay those higher and higher claims.

low cost health insurance agent

For help in comparing values, find someone who knows the business and has a reason to spend time helping you find what is the most suitable affordable health insurance from financially strong companies for you in your situation. That would be an independent insurance producer (a.k.a. agent or broker) who specializes full time in helping people shop and compare health care coverage.

Typically, a producer can get contracted with most, if not all, of the reputable health insurers in the state, and is paid by the insurer for each successful application. Some producers may just want to promote one or two insurers, but others will give unbiased, knowledgable help. They get paid no matter what you buy and try to be objective. Unbiased, knowledgeable help can be an invaluable asset in the decision-making process.

But what if there are extra fees that have to be paid for such help or a markup added to what the insurance company charges? Here's a clue. THERE ARE NO FEES OR MARKUPS. None. Agents/brokers/producers are not middlemen or wholesalers, and except for special situations such as consulting services for large businesses, are not fee-for-service practitioners.

The health insurance companies control the marketing of their products from start to finish. They have found it costs less to pay independent contractors only a commission for each produced and approved application than to pay salaries to employees and then hope that they will bring in new business.

The health insurance company fixes what it will pay the producer of applications, not the producer. The health insurance company also sets the premium quotes which must be filed with the Department/Division of Insurance before those premium quotes can be charged. This is a highly regulated industry. The quote is the same no matter how or with whose help you buy affordable health insurance.

It does not cost less to buy from an employee of the health insurance company and the employee typically does not know enough about other insurers plans to help in comparing. With no producer involved, you also miss out on the help of an independent person should some difficulty arise later with affordable health insurance claims or customer service issues.

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It is easy to misunderstand and not make the best purchase. We strive to help you get the facts you need to know so you can make the best decision for you. Call us if you need help with affordable health insurance.

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