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Individual Health Insurance Advertising

Most individual coverage is sold by independent producers health insurance agents, and consequently this individual health insurance advertising is either producers or referral operations that obtain and then sell leads to producers. The advertiser has written the basic advertising copy to which, in some cases, we may have made minor amendments.

Any website that asks for your telephone number indicates that you will be called whether or not you continue with an application or further enquiry.

In our quoting systems, we do not ask for any personal information beyond what is needed to generate a quote. Using the information and online quoting systems in the listed states in Health Insurance, you can shop without getting any telephone calls. If you have any questions, feel free to call us any time.

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We do not approve or disapprove of any of these advertisers and they operate independently of us under their own management. We are not responsible for how they do business, the content of their sites, services they provide, representations they make, or the products they sell. It is up to the advertiser to maintain correct information for individual health insurance.

References in this advertising to large numbers of health insurers quoted, may refer only to the total number nationally, not the number in a particular state. The actual number of health insurers in your state for which quotes are given may be much less than the number quoted in the advertisement.

Statements claiming the lowest quotes or lowest rates mean only that the insurer sets the premium for all coverage issued. The same coverage from a particular insurer must have the same premium no matter who helps with the application or gives initial quotes from the insurer.

Premium Differential

Coverage and premium cost vary from insurer to insurer for all insurance sold from this individual health insurance advertising, not from producer to producer. Independent producers may contract with different insurance companies. Some agent/brokers/producers in this individual health insurance advertising may provide the facts on only one or two insurance companies, while others may be able to help with most companies.

The producer is remunerated for each approved application that is produced. If no applications are produced, the producer receives no pay. The insurance company sells its products this way to limit the costs of individual health insurance marketing.

Insurance companies may also make incentive payments for the number of applications received that are approved. That may or may not cause a difference in what applications and brochures are made available to you. It is up to the individual producer that you deal with from this individual health insurance advertising.

"Individual health insurance" health insurance glossary can cover dependents on the same policy, i.e., immediate family members.

There are many factors to examine. Amongst other factors, coinsurance, coverage limitations, and excluded items should be looked at when comparing individual health insurance.

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