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Individual Health Insurance

Agents/brokers (producers) health insurance agents helping with the purchase of individual health insurance are listed here. The health insurance company sells the insurance, the producer (a.k.a. agent or broker) helps you apply for the insurance.

Each list is provided for visitor convenience only. We do not endorse or recommend anyone on any list in any state. A number of these advertisers are websites that gather leads for producers.

For premium and plan information you can go to any of these producer sites, but bear in mind that none of them has a "better deal" for individual health insurance than another.

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All plan benefits and their premiums are determined by the insurance company alone. So no producer can provide you with a different final premium charge for any particular plan with any particular health insurer.

No agent/broker (producer) has "influence" with any individual health insurance company so as to be able to negotiate a better rate. The producer gets the premium quotes set by the insurer from the insurer. The producer doesn't make them up. The producer is helping you apply for individual health insurance, not reselling you a commodity.

Producers are paid a commission for producing successful applications. Some individual health insurance companies may also pay production bonuses in the form of cash or gifts which may, or may not, influence the individual producer in suggestions as to what is the best to buy.

Perspective on Individual Health Insurance

All states have individual coverage available, but the statutes governing individual coverage vary significantly state by state.

Generally, the more "protection" that legislators have introduced for consumers, the more expensive the health insurance tends to be. All extra costs that are imposed on insurance companies are naturally passed on in higher premiums or the insurers would go out of business.

In most states, individual health insurance is not mandated to be issued to every applicant. For those who cannot buy health insurance and who are not covered by an employer, there may be a high risk pool which enables coverage. It usually receives some subsidy, but because most enrollees have significant health problems, the monthly rates are still high.

There are many factors making individual health insurance expensive. The major reason is the cost of modern medical technology and its ability to keep the sick and injured alive much longer than in previous times. Intensive care, organ transplants, heart and brain surgeries, expensive drugs, and so on just cost more and more each year.

What do people want? The finest, immediate, medical care and low monthly health insurance premiums. Champagne taste and a beer budget. Even if an individual is uninsured, the best medical care is expected no matter what the cost. After delivery of that care, the cost is often financed by the rest of society.

This is an often overlooked factor in the high cost of health insurance. It is not the greatest factor, but it is significant. Unless they are wealthy, the willfully uninsured cost everyone else a lot in higher premiums, because if they become seriously ill, they still get treated. The providers pass their lack of reimbursement on in higher charges to everyone else.

Related to the way a hospital can not turn away the uninsured, another issue arises as technology advances. What price can be put on human life? What about an 86 year old whose treatment is going to cost $1 million for the possibility of a year or two more of life. Is that to be paid? What about $5 million? If for some medical condition, it is possible to keep one person alive for $10 million a year, does society pay that cost because "you can't put a price on human life". How about $20 million? $50 million? No cut off?

Eventually we will have to face up to the realities of growing health insurance problems and issues and make hard choices. Part of the solution will be to force everyone to contribute so that everyone will have individual health insurance.