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The Lowest Health Insurance Quotes and Prices

Here is why our quotes are the "lowest":

They can't be lower and they can't be higher.

When you buy health insurance, you are buying direct from the insurance company. Insurance agents-brokers-producers are not re-sellers of insurance. They are not retailers who buy insurance at a wholesale price and re-sell it at a marked-up retail price. Some people assume that the insurance is somehow repackaged and re-sold so you may get it cheaper by "going direct" to the insurance company to get the wholesale price or dealing with a different insurance licensee who has a better deal for the exact same insurance. That assumption is not correct.

You can not avoid buying directly from the insurance company when you buy health insurance. That is who is selling it to you. The producer (aka agent or broker) is only helping explain the plan and how to apply. To deal with consumers who call the insurance company itself, the company must pay customer service employees to do the same thing. Agents-brokers-producers are paid as independent contractors instead of payroll employees. So although they are doing basically the same thing as the company employee, they don't get paid unless an application is approved and a policy is issued, paid for, and the agent-broker-producer's name is included on the application as the producer.

No health insurance agent-broker-producer can adjust, discount, or negotiate any quote or premium charge. The insurance "agent" or "broker" is in most states licensed as a "producer", and is paid a commission only upon producing successful health insurance applications which result in an issued policy, accepted by the applicant, and for which earned premium is paid.

The insurance producer (agent/broker) is authorized to advertise the quote set by the health insurance company and NOT ANY other premium quote. The insurance producer (agent/broker) does NOT decide ANY individual or family health insurance quote or final rate WHATEVER!

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When an application is processed, some health insurance companies will increase the premium because of health history and other factors such as smoking, height-weight table, or occupations and avocations. Others may just decline the application, as allowed by state law in most states. The producer of the application cannot negotiate that and has no control or influence over what the final cost is, irrespective of the initial quote, which is always supplied in some form or other by the health insurer to the producer.

Even if the agent/broker is "working for the customer" helping to compare carriers and plans, it is still the insurance company that created, uses, and pays the occupation of agent/broker/producer. That's because it is more cost-effective than relying only on media advertising and employees to bring in applications. There is some variation in terminology from state to state, but licensed agent, licensed broker, and licensed producer all amount to the much the same thing to the buyer of health insurance.

So for any particular plan of any particular carrier, there is no lowest price and no highest price. There is one price offered to any particular applicant and that price is set by the insurance company alone. If it seems that one producer offers a different price than another producer, that means either that you are confused or not aware of a different quoting factor that is causing the difference. Reasons for any perceived difference may be that a different effective date was used, quoting software is not updated and not giving accurate results, a mistake in input was made when running the quote, or there is a different specification in the quote e.g., a twelve month rate guarantee versus a 24 month guarantee or a different coinsurance amount is being quoted.

A claim to have the same price as everyone else does not sound as interesting as having the lowest price. However, that is the way it is for any particular plan of any particular insurer. The "lowest" health insurance quotes are really all the same price. So why should you use our services? We try to be as helpful as possible. A lot of people like dealing with us and you will too.

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