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We help you get the information you need online so as to make the best choice. We get paid by whichever insurer you apply to, provided that the insurer sees our name on the application. That is how we get paid. We do not charge you anything.

The reason that we can be so helpful but not charge anything is that we deal with many insurance companies. An insurance license is maintained in the 40 most populous states so we can help residents of those states in this way.

The licensing in many states is "insurance producer" a.k.a. agent or broker in the vernacular. The licensing statutes and regulations use the term "producer" because the licensees produce applications for health insurance companies. A so-called agent or broker is a licensed insurance producer. In most states there is no distinction between an "agent" and a "broker"; there are only "producers". With such licensing, the words "agent" and "broker" are commonly used in every day speech, but are not what the license says. Even if a distinction is made in licensing between an 'agent' or 'broker', it is often of little practical consequence to the consumer.

There is some variation in state licensing law and terminology, but the consumer probably won't notice much difference between producer categories whether they are called agents, brokers, or whatever, in a particular state.

Our role is not one of a "broker" or intermediary because we charge no fees and do not negotiate anything. Real Estate brokers broker real estate transactions and charge a fee. Stock brokerages broker the sale of stock and charge a fee. Insurance producers do not negotiate the sale of individual health insurance and do not charge a fee. They produce applications for insurance companies.

Insurance companies have no need to negotiate with health insurance applicants. To stay in business, the insurance company needs to charge enough premium to pay for expected claims. So the insurer sets its price for each plan, for each age bracket, for each effective date, and for each risk category if applicable. There is never any negotiation and no special "deals" are possible.

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We also are not a captive agent representing one company alone. We don't promote one or two favorite insurance companies. Instead, we try to help you find the best for your needs amongst all the companies worth looking at. With or without our help, the insurance company will charge you the same premium price.

The quality of the health insurance company and the value in its plans is what you get for the premiums you pay. Help is just that, help, not a middleman or brokerage or negotiation, just help to find what you would like best. That's why an insurance company pays a commission, for providing help to buy its insurance product, direct from the insurance company. No matter who helps, you are always buying direct from the insurer.

The principal of our company is licensed in the 40 most populous states. We can then be paid by the insurance company when coverage is issued and the premium is paid. On the website, we are putting as much information as possible on as many insurance companies as possible, for each of those states.

Since initial licensing twenty years ago in the resident state, consumers have received the best possible guidance in finding what is best suited for them. Since we do not charge a fee, we are not being engaged to make recommendations. However, we are here to help you make the best decision by providing all the information we can.

We help you get the quotes, plan descriptions, insurer background, and other information you may need. We can also help you complete the application according to the rules and procedures of the respective insurance company. Then we are available as independent help with any customer service problems you may have after coverage is issued.

Our office is in Colorado, Insurance Licensee, and we help consumers and small businesses nationwide.

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