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Health savings account (HSA-qualified) plans are included.

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Which Plans can I Buy?

Your address determines which insurance companies and which of their plans are available to you.

That is because insurance is regulated state by state. Insurance laws vary from state to state. Different insurance companies operate in different states. Some health insurers operate in many states, some operate in a few or only one state.

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Lowest Quotes
THERE IS NO LOWER RATE for any of this health insurance than what is available here state by state. You can't buy any of these plans at a lower price from an employee of a health insurer or from any one else. Each health insurer sets its own rate, period, no matter who is allowed to offer it. No insurance agent/broker (producer) can adjust the premium for any of this coverage.

Travel Insurance:


Brief online application, fast issue
Only a few medical questions

Full-time students can qualify more easily compared to other individual health insurance. Coverage can continue even if study does not.   More...

HSA Health Savings Accounts   Places providing accounts
The insurance and the account are completely separate. For health insurance that qualifies you for an HSA account, see your state here on the right. If you use "Compare Together" quoting, look for the piggybank logo.   More...

Discounts and Savings
Is it possible to get a discount or special savings? Can the same plan be bought cheaper from one source than another? Are there any special deals for health insurance coverage? Can I join a group and get a group rate to lower my cost?   More...

Association Group Coverage
Forming a group or association for the purpose of buying insurance is prohibited in most if not all states. Even if such a group could be formed, the group would likely have a disproportionate percentage of members with pre-existing conditions and so increase the premium cost. If the members are screened for health conditions, they may as well buy individual plans as form a "group" to buy it.   More...

Individual Health Insurance Categories
Various types of individual health insurance have evolved over time. New plan designs and claims payment arrangements have been introduced in response to continuing medical inflation. These efforts at controlling claims costs have met with limited success.   More...

Alert:   Unlicensed vs. Mainstream Health Insurance
Regulation of health insurance costs a little, but not a lot. The cost of regulation is not responsible for the high premium rates for health insurance. So why should you trust "health insurance" outside the mainstream that is not regulated by the state's department of insurance? If it's too good to be true, it probably is.   More...

Low cost Health Insurance
The categories and cost of health insurance are based on who is buying it, individual, employer, union, or association. There are different government mandates for each category as defined by statute, varying state by state. If you are not covered by an employer and have to look for individual low cost health insurance, there are some issues to be aware of. If you think an "association" has a special plan for you, it may not be what you think.   More...

Regulated Health Insurance
A lower premium for health insurance won't come by looking for a different rate from someone else for a health insurer's same plan. For any particular applicant, for any particular health insurance plan, for any particular effective date, there is only one final premium rate, determined by the health insurance company alone. This can be verified by the insurance regulatory authority in your state that regulates every licensed producer (broker, agent) and health insurer for all health insurance.   More...

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