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Pre-quote Tips:

1. To simplify the list of quotes, you can select one insurance company at a time or narrow the list to a specific range of copays and deductibles or limit it to a range of premiums.

You do this under "Customize Search" at the top of the list of quotes.

The plans are listed from the lowest monthly premium to the highest. The plan design is found under "Details"

2. Not all insurers want to be included in the Quote Engine. If you want to see more insurance companies afer getting the Quote Engine results, go to the list of Extra Insurers.Get Quotes

Plan Design

There can be a difference between plans as to what copays cover. In most plans, the physician copay covers only the doctor's time.

That means that in those plans, you would have to pay the entire cost of lab tests and X-rays until you have paid the annual deductible.

However, in some plans, the physician copay may also cover lab tests and x-rays ordered at the time of the visit, either completely or up to a certain dollar limit.

Click on the link named "Details" for a particular quote so you can see what the copay covers and how the plan is designed.

The deductible, and coinsurance, usually apply to any expense other than what is covered by a copay.

A copay is a one-time charge for a particular medical service that you pay at the time the medical service is rendered.

A deductible is an amount that is the total of all expenses that you pay per year before the plan starts to pay for any expenses, usually apart from what is covered by copays.

Coinsurance is the percentage or amount that you pay after you have paid the deductible amount that year. Coinsurance could be greater than the deductible or it could be zero, depending on which plan you buy.

Don't judge a plan's cost-effectiveness by the deductible alone. Add the deductible to the coinsurance, then compare.

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