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Group Health Insurance Advertising

Most group plans are applied for through agents/brokers (producers). In this group health insurance advertising there may be producer service operations that get leads for sale to producers, but individual producers may be listed as well. The essential advertising content is written by the advertiser. Any request for your telephone number is usually to give the producer(s) the opportunity to call you in the hope that you will do business with them.

By contrast, contact data is not required in the health insurance quoting systems on this site. The function of this website is to provide information. It is not designed to generate sales leads. It's up to you to call us if you want further help.

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There is no common ownership between us and these advertisers and we do not urge anyone to use or not use any of them. The onus is on them for their methods of transacting business, what is in their websites, what assistance they give, claims they make, or the insurance or other things they offer. It is up to the advertiser to have proper and appropriate content for this group health insurance advertising.

Cost comparison

The respective insurance company sets its own charges for each plan, so the cost will vary from company to company, for all plans marketed through this group health insurance advertising, not from advertiser to advertiser, unless an insurer itself wants to advertise. For the most part, producers can contract with any of the health insurance companies they want. The advertisers in this group health insurance advertising or the producers who buy the leads from it, can therefore impart information on a few insurers, or for most if not all insurers, if they wish to be more comprehensive in their services.

The producer is rewarded for issued coverage from produced applications. If nothing is produced, the producer gets nothing. This is a common method for insurers to control the expense of group health insurance advertising.

Special payments to encourage the maximum number of applications may also be made by insurers. The range of alternatives presented may therefore be affected or not depending on whether that is of importance to the group health insurance advertising producer.

"Group health insurance" always allows dependents to be added when enrolling.

The group buyer has a number of things to consider when looking at the plans represented in this group health insurance advertising. Provider membership, out-of-pocket maximums, what is covered by copays if any, and general extent of coverage, are all important considerations.

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