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Wishful Thinking

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Suggestion: If you are looking for affordable health insurance from reliable insurers, talk to someone familiar with the subject, i.e., an insurance agent/broker/producer who specializes in dealing with reputable insurers, someone like us.

If you need help, please call us and get real help.

Really cheap coverage for medical expenses is a thing of the past. However, there is nothing to be gained by going on a wild goose chase pursuing angles to find cut-rate coverage that is either phony or financially unstable.

Comparing legitimate affordable health insurance from different mainstream health insurers makes sense. However, subscribing to unregulated schemes is a recipe for financial disaster should a catastrophic medical event occur.

Buying deceptive "association" plans is also a losing proposition. Another dead-end is to believe that an expert in medicine, e.g., a doctor, will also be an expert in helping find the most suitable insurance. Doesn't work.

Group Rate

Groups that may get a better rate are large employers (51+ employees) who have employees with a lower than average claims history. This may also be true of some small employer (2-50 employees) group coverage depending on regulation and state law. That is unlike a group formed for the purpose of buying affordable health insurance. Such a group would attract a higher percentage of members with health problems resulting in higher claims resulting in higher premiums. It's called adverse selection.

There are no groups to join in order to "buy in bulk" and get a "volume discount" on affordable health insurance. Of itself, forming a group to get group rate on a plan does not reduce claims or other costs and so does not reduce premium rates. This is insurance, not manufactured goods or a professional service.

Cheap health insurance Rate

The "Power" of the Association

However, there are some marketing operations who continue to deceive eager dupes into believing that they have an association that has negotiated a special price on bulk cut-rate coverage with the nationwide purchasing power of their "large group". That is nonsense for the naive. Insurance does not work that way.

A careful reading of such coverage, which the naive do not do, reveals that these slick operators provide the worst, most overpriced health insurance of all, with gaps in coverage that have shocked the unwary when claims were made. It is not possible to join a voluntary association formed so as to get a genuine price cut with association affordable health insurance.

Medical Discount Card

Some people get confused by medical discount cards and imagine that somehow they could be a low cost substitute for insurance. However, they represent only a hoped-for discount off medical bills. They do not provide an insurance discount.

PPO claims networks are set up for the use of health insurance companies and large employer self-funded plans so as to have pre-agreed prices for medical procedures in order to make the claims process more efficient. Those pre-agreed prices have now been extended directly to consumers as a supposed "discount". The card holder gets the network charge for medical services.

The monthly cost is a lot less than health insurance, perhaps less than $100 per month for an entire family. That may seem cheap, but for what you get, is it really a good value? How are you helped if medical expenses are so large that you can't afford to pay them, "discounted" or not?

Maybe a $750,000 medical bill would be reduced to $650,000 or so depending on what the pre-agreed prices are. Now you could go bankrupt for $650,000 instead of $750,000. Yippee! Do you have the $650,000, or do you need insurance? What if the bill is even more?

Discount plans are nice if you are wealthy enough to not need health insurance. If one is not wealthy, it would be wishful thinking to believe that a discount program is a substitute for dependable affordable health insurance. An inexpensive discount program may work for the affluent, but not for the rest of us who need insurance.

Here is a comment from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on discount cards cheap affordable health insurance.

Cheap health insurance Discount

Association Marketing

Maybe this would be a money saver - a low priced scheduled policy offered under the auspices of a big name lobbying association for people 55 and over. The association gets a percentage for successful applications like an insurance agent/producer does.

The association is not sponsoring special cheap affordable health insurance. It is just getting paid a commission for its marketing clout with its many members. The policy pays fixed amounts for specified procedures only, so it's cheap. Cheap because it does not cover the other charges that the buyers don't think of when buying this what seems to be super cheap health insurance.

When dismay and disappointment set in at claim time due to substantial gaps in the scheduled coverage, the big name of the association won't pay any bills. Instead, it is prudent to get comprehensive coverage that covers all medically prescribed treatment except for explicit listed exclusions that you can read and identify in advance.

It is easy to misunderstand and not make the best purchase. We strive to help you get the facts you need to know so you can make the best decision for you. Call us if you need help with affordable health insurance.

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