Affordable Health Insurance and Us


We are a health insurance producer a.k.a. agent or broker depending on the usage preferred. We are called "producer" because we produce applications for health insurance companies. A licensed agent or a licensed broker is a producer. A professional local agent is a producer.

In one sense, we aren't really a "broker" because we charge no fees and do not negotiate anything. We also are not a captive "agent" representing one company. We try to help you find the best for your needs amongst all the companies that allow us to produce applications for them.

There is some variation in state licensing law, but the consumer probably won't notice much difference between producer categories whether they are called agents, brokers, or whatever.

We don't charge any fees because we are paid by the respective insurance company when coverage is issued and the premium is paid. We are licensed in all states.

We have been helping consumers find the health insurance best suited for them since the business started in 1990. However, what really matters is the quality of the health insurance companies.

Health Insurance

The first group coverage was founded in 1847. It was designed to be comprehensive in nature and was provided by Massachusetts Health Insurance of Boston. Individual plans followed in the 1860's, but at first only provided insurance for accidents involving travel by steamboat or railway. Individual coverage for illness and disability started in 1890 or so.

As the need for health insurance became more apparent, some large life insurance companies started to offer such policies in the 1930's. In the early 1930's, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield non-profit organizations began marketing group health coverage. Premiums were very competitive by virtue of discounts obtained from providers looking for quick payment and an expected larger volume of business.

Continuing advances in medicine and other factors caused accelerating medical inflation in the 1980's and 1990's. The result was annual large increases in health insurance premiums. Affordable health insurance became much less so.

Attempts at a comprehensive national solution have all failed. Piecemeal legislation has not solved the problem, especially for the individual with pre-existing conditions.

At this website we undertake to provide the largest selection of choices to help the individual find the most affordable health insurance. The more restrictive the legislation is on the subject in any state, the less choices are to be expected in that state.

Affordable Health Insurance is helped with the addition of the tax advantages of Health Savings Accounts.